Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fundraisers: Coming Up With Sporting Events For Families

Sporting events are great fundraisers for certain causes. It’s easy to spice up the event with the added dimension of having the entire family involved. Here are some wonderful ideas when organizing a fundraiser that promotes awareness and overall health for families:

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Family fun runs
Fun runs are just that – fun. Organizing fun runs as a team sport makes it all the more family-oriented. These mini-marathons don’t just get families involved, but entire communities as well.

HIIT and bootcamp demonstrations
High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, and bootcamps are great for whipping people into shape. When done in public places such as parks, these workouts can pique people’s interests. Fundraiser organizers can hire professionals to teach families the basic movements.

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Self-defense seminars
Just like HIIT and bootcamp demonstrations, when done in a public place, people will participate. Since self-defense covers a huge range of disciplines, event organizers won’t have to worry about the event coming up short.

Sports variety festival
Variety festivals showcase different types of health activities, from aerobics, to self-defense, to gymnastics. This is the kind of event that can keep everyone interested. People can donate money as their entrance fee to the event.

Adam Rosenfeld lives to give back to the citizens of Miami. He is an advocate of health and wellness for the city’s residents, such as the Galbut Family Miami Beach JCC. Learn more about his charity work by following this Twitter page.

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