Monday, February 20, 2017

Just Like Summer Camp: The Benefits Of Joining A Hobbies Community

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As people grow old, it's easy to forget about hobbies that one had as a kid when preoccupied with obligations and responsibilities. Fortunately, there are social clubs and communities that promote activities that adults can enjoy such as games, fitness programs, and cultural workshops. It is something that grown-ups should consider joining. These activities are great for promoting physical, emotional, and mental health.

These workshop communities can improve one's social skills and decrease anxieties about mingling with other people. Studies show that people who are open to becoming more social are happier. Getting used to social settings also helps one build confidence, which might just be the key to helping someone advance in a career.

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Adult hobby clubs also nurture an individual's creativity. Redirecting energies toward something productive enhances spirituality and promotes positive values. Moreover, it is also a way to keep the mind active and helps develop one's cognitive skills.

Even in many organizations, team-building or workshop programs are often provided because experts recognize how these develop other aspects of individuals that are important at work. This includes emotional intelligence and improving skills in communication, problem-solving, leadership, and interpersonal interactions.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Debunking Three Myths About Children’s Diet

Recent studies suggest that an adult’s overall health and diet are influenced by their eating habits in their youth. This implies the lasting impact of parents’ roles in their children’s diet. Parents then have to be conscious of the best eating habits for their children and separate fact from myths. Many local charities are founded with the goal of helping parents understand this. In addition, the following diet myths are being more and more debunked:

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Red meat and eggs are bad: Dietary restrictions for adults are not the same for children. Red meat and eggs, while to be restricted for adults, are not necessarily harmful for infants. These are excellent sources of protein, iron, zinc, and other essential nutrients. Discernment should be applied, however. The child should be fed freshly grilled meat and cooked yolks instead of fast food hamburgers.

Children prefer to eat the same foods: Parents need to train the eating habits of their children. It is true that children do enjoy eating some foods repeatedly but they also have a strong curiosity for other food items. This can be used to the parent’s advantage. Offer them more variety and instinctively, children will eat more. Prepare vegetables, fruits, and meat in interesting ways so that children will be more inclined to eat them.

A dish that has been rejected by the child must not be served again: Health groups have found that toddlers need to try new food at least 15 times before they take more than a spoonful of it. Parents should persevere and not acquiesce to their child’s preferences. Healthy dieting habits need to be introduced at an early age.

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Remember that dieting does not have to be a challenge for both parents and the child. The best recommendation is to make cooking and eating fun. Children respond more to happiness and encouragement rather than punishment.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fundraisers: Coming Up With Sporting Events For Families

Sporting events are great fundraisers for certain causes. It’s easy to spice up the event with the added dimension of having the entire family involved. Here are some wonderful ideas when organizing a fundraiser that promotes awareness and overall health for families:

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Family fun runs
Fun runs are just that – fun. Organizing fun runs as a team sport makes it all the more family-oriented. These mini-marathons don’t just get families involved, but entire communities as well.

HIIT and bootcamp demonstrations
High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, and bootcamps are great for whipping people into shape. When done in public places such as parks, these workouts can pique people’s interests. Fundraiser organizers can hire professionals to teach families the basic movements.

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Self-defense seminars
Just like HIIT and bootcamp demonstrations, when done in a public place, people will participate. Since self-defense covers a huge range of disciplines, event organizers won’t have to worry about the event coming up short.

Sports variety festival
Variety festivals showcase different types of health activities, from aerobics, to self-defense, to gymnastics. This is the kind of event that can keep everyone interested. People can donate money as their entrance fee to the event.

Adam Rosenfeld lives to give back to the citizens of Miami. He is an advocate of health and wellness for the city’s residents, such as the Galbut Family Miami Beach JCC. Learn more about his charity work by following this Twitter page.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Healthcare Inadequacies: The Role Of Philanthropic Advocacies

The healthcare sector just can’t seem to get a break. With the number of disease-related cases increasing year after year, healthcare professionals have their work cut out for them. The more problematic ones are communicable diseases and lifestyle-related disorders. With options such as health insurance not fully understood by people, a lot of individuals are left vulnerable.

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With the financial inadequacies of the health sector, individuals are taking it upon themselves to get together to raise funds for those who need them. These drives often end in success. With the way things are going, it is high time to consider charitable activities as a viable solution to the never-ending problem faced by the health department.

So how will philanthropic organizations go about this newly formulated scheme? One possible path would be charity will pay for the uninsured. The number of uninsured people goes by the millions, but with just a small contribution from those who have more than what they need, they can easily fill the financial gaps that the marginalized are experiencing.

The modern health system is already “over-corporate,” meaning that profit and revenue will get in the way of adequate delivery of services. For people to contribute more donations, the government must reduce its size and costs. There are still a lot of unexplored ways on how to go about this plan. That is why utilizing charity is very promising. A lot of doors have yet to be opened.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Community involvement: Strengthening the family

There are innumerable ways to deepen the relationships with family members. By simply doing everyday activities and recreational ones, like playing a game, watching a movie, and traveling, parents and their children can strengthen their bonds with one another. 

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But when families come together and get involved in community service and other charitable pursuits, the activity presents unique benefits. 

Evidently, helping others can bring a sense of fulfillment and joy to volunteers. Doing it as a family provides a higher level of appreciation and satisfaction because of the impact they make in the life of those who are in need. 

Children who undertake volunteerism generally do better in their academic endeavors, because getting involved teaches them a sense of responsibility and empowers them to understand they can be significant in the community. 

They also learn social skills as they understand the plights of the less fortunate members of society. Having the opportunity to aid and interact with these people allows the children, and even the parents, to exhibit better social behaviors. 

Volunteering together is the ideal avenue for families to bond as it benefits not just the parents and the children, but also the community and everyone in it.

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Miami-based Adam Rosenfeld is an active supporter of different charitable institutions. He is a member of the board of directors of Galbut Family Miami Beach JCC, a place for enriching fitness, culture, community, and fun. To learn more about Mr. Rosenfeld’s several advocacies in Miami and beyond, visit this Facebook page.